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Cracking down on exploitation: Farm raid exposes labor abuses

Workers liberated from farm exploitation


In a collaborative effort, the Anti-Trafficking Bureau, YAM, and Ministry of Labour Inspection Department executed a court-authorized inspection at a 40-year-old man's animal farm in Nicosia yesterday.

Shockingly, the investigation revealed the presence of workers from third countries, sparking concerns of potential exploitation. Interviews with these workers uncovered distressing evidence of labor victimization in four individuals.

Swift action was taken, with the rescue and relocation of these workers to a secure facility, overseen by the Social Welfare Services.

As the inspection delved deeper, violations of labor laws came to light. The farm owner faced notices from the Inspectorate Department for undeclared work and breaches of the Wage Protection Act.

Simultaneously, the 40-year-old is under investigation for human trafficking offenses related to labor exploitation.

The Anti-Trafficking Bureau remains dedicated to ongoing investigations, emphasizing the commitment to eradicating exploitation and ensuring justice prevails.

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