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Cypriot fisherman saves turtle in trouble

Video shows local man off northern coast in Cyprus rescuing a distressed turtle in need


A video showing a local man in Cyprus removing a plastic ring from a turtle’s neck is making the rounds on the internet.

According to a Facebook post by INDICIT Project, a two year programme funded by the European Union, a turtle was found off the northern coast of Cyprus late last month with a plastic ring around its neck.

A video posted by INDICIT Project video, which was also shared by a conservationist group, showed a local man using a set of pliers to remove the ring.

“Unfortunately people throw all their trash into the sea,” he said, adding that he was trying to remove the plastic without hurting the turtle.

The plastic cap appeared to have had been stuck on the turtle for a long time, as the ring had left a mark around the turtle’s neck. After the brief rescue was over, the turtle was put back in the water and quickly disappeared beneath the water.

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