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Cypriot reports British girlfriend missing on Greek island

Cypriot boyfriend reports British female scientist missing during couple's Greek vacation


Greek police are on high alert over the disappearance of a British woman, whose Cypriot boyfriend says she failed to answer her phone hours before their flight to Cyprus.

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According to media reports, a 34-year-old British female has gone missing in Ikaria, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just hours before she and her boyfriend were scheduled to fly via Athens to Cyprus.

The 38-year-old man, described as a Cypriot national, reported his girlfriend missing on Monday around noon when he told police he woke up in the morning to discover she was gone. After calling her mobile, she told him she had gone running but with no further communication, according to media reports.

The couple had been vacationing since August 3 in Ikaria’s Kerame area and they were scheduled to fly on Monday around 5pm back to Cyprus, where they both live permanently.

A police search was said to be ongoing where search parties, fire fighters, and a helicopter were taking part in an effort to locate the woman, described as an astrophysicist by some media.

Greek authorities were under media scrutiny last month as they were investigating the death of an American scientist, Suzanne Eaton, who was tortured, murdered, and raped in Crete, the country’s largest island.

A local man confessed to the crime in which sexual assault appeared to have been the motive.

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