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Cypriot team ''Brute Force'' takes NASA challenge by storm

Cyprus team receives NASA award with Cyprus' Chief Scientist accompanying them to NASA HQ in Florida, USA


"Brute Force," a Cypriot team, clinched the top prize at the prestigious NASA Space Apps Challenge award ceremony held at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. This historic achievement marks the first time a Cypriot team has been honored with an invitation to the ceremony, showcasing Cyprus' growing prowess in space research and innovation. Led by Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetris Skourides, the team's success underscores Cyprus' commitment to space exploration and collaboration on a global scale.

Following their triumph, Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetris Skourides, emphasized the significance of "Brute Force's" victory. Their groundbreaking project, "Moonquake Map," stood out among 3,094 submissions from 162 countries, highlighting the technical expertise and innovative spirit of Cypriot talent.

Skourides commended the team's exceptional achievement, attributing it to Cyprus' strong focus on space research outlined in the country's space strategy for 2022-2027. He underscored Cyprus' strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, emphasizing its potential as a pivotal hub for space research and international collaboration.

During the award ceremony at NASA Headquarters, Skourides engaged in discussions with NASA stakeholders, including Kent Bress, Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of International and Interagency Relations, and Dr. Karen St. Germain, Earth Science Division Director. Together with President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), George Danos, Skourides outlined Cyprus' commitment to strengthening the national space ecosystem and fostering partnerships with global space agencies and industry leaders.

The discussions revolved around Cyprus' 2022-2027 National Space Strategy, which focuses on key pillars such as space technologies, Earth observation, and space education. Skourides introduced initiatives like the Eratosthenes Center of Excellence for Earth Observation & Environmental Change and the establishment of a Space Incubation Center to support space-related business activities.

Moreover, Skourides highlighted Cyprus' investment in research and development, particularly in projects like the "Cyprus Space Research and Innovation Centre - C-SpaRC," aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in the space sector. Discussions also touched on potential collaboration with NASA in research areas such as human health, space engineering, and water resource management.

CSEO's pivotal role in spearheading innovative space projects, such as Project IN-TIME and Project EYE, was acknowledged, showcasing Cyprus' commitment to scientific advancements in space exploration.

Overall, Cyprus' strategic initiatives and its pool of exceptional talent position the country as a key player in the global space community. The government's steadfast support for the sector ensures Cyprus continues to contribute to advancements in space technology and science on an international scale.

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