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Cyprus advances road safety with Intelligent Transport Systems

New infrastructure investment aims to enhance traffic management across major cities


In a bid to modernize its main road network and bolster transport safety, Cyprus is rolling out state-of-the-art intelligent transport systems (ITS) across key routes, according to a report by Marios Christofi. Spearheaded by the Department of Public Works, the initiative entails a series of strategic investments aimed at enhancing traffic management capabilities and infrastructure.

According to Aristotelis Savva, executive engineer at the Department of Public Works, the project includes the installation of over 120 traffic counters, 26 cameras, and 4 electronic signs spanning the main road networks of Nicosia and interurban routes. These systems, Savva clarified, are designed not for enforcement but to monitor traffic flow. Data collected by these devices will feed into a centralized traffic management center to be located in Nicosia. From there, real-time information on incidents such as accidents and road maintenance will be disseminated through electronic signs, keeping drivers informed and enabling swift responses from authorities.

"The implementation of these systems has already commenced, and we expect the traffic management center to be operational by October," Savva stated. While the entire project is slated for completion within two years, initial operations will begin sooner. Existing systems on motorways and in Nicosia will be augmented, with additional installations planned for Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and select routes in Famagusta.

Intelligent transport systems, widely deployed globally since the 1960s, have proven instrumental in boosting road network efficiency and safety. Studies indicate that such systems can increase transport capacity by up to 10%, reduce travel times by 20%, and lower accident rates by 15%, leveraging advancements in technology and telecommunications.

The recent contract, signed on June 7 at the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Works, outlines a comprehensive rollout plan to equip and maintain these systems over six years, with a total investment valued at €5.8 million. The initiative underscores Cyprus's commitment to leveraging technology to improve public safety and streamline urban mobility.

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