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Cyprus blames Israeli conflict for GPS disruptions

Israel conflict sparks GPS chaos across the island


Cyprus is experiencing GPS signal disruptions due to the ongoing conflict in Israel, as OMEGAlive reports. According to Haris Antoniadis, head of the Air Traffic Control Service, these disruptions are commonly observed around conflict zones, thus linking them to the war in Gaza.

"This is not something new. The issue has escalated in recent weeks. However, the problems are manageable. We receive reports from pilots daily, and we've been managing it intensively lately. Our systems are functioning properly," Antoniadis emphasized.

He added that there is no cause for concern regarding safety, as it's an operational matter. Aircraft and pilots can resort to conventional navigation, but they need to be trained to detect interference.

For instance, in one reported case on OMEGAlive, while in Limassol, a person's GPS indicated they were in Lebanon. In another instance, while in Ayia Napa, the GPS showed they were in Lebanon.

[With information sourced from OMEGAlive]

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