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New Jersey and New York shaken by strongest quake in 100 years

Emergency alerts in NYC as buildings sway in rare East Coast earthquake


A rare magnitude 4.8 earthquake jolted New Jersey on Friday, surprising residents across the Northeast United States, an area unaccustomed to significant seismic activity.

As Los Angeles Times reports, the tremor, centered about 40 miles southwest of Manhattan, struck at 10:23 a.m. Eastern time, with its epicenter close to the community of Oldwick, N.J.

The quake's effects rippled across New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, with weak shaking reaching as far as Washington, D.C., and Maine, including cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and Albany, N.Y. Despite widespread reports of buildings swaying, no immediate damage or injuries were reported. However, in New York City, residents received emergency alerts urging them to stay indoors and be cautious.

President Biden reassured the public, stating he had spoken with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who conveyed that the situation was under control. The Federal Aviation Administration initially warned of potential disruptions to air traffic facilities, prompting precautionary measures at airports.

Seismologists noted the quake's classification according to the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale, defining the extent of its impact. A series of aftershocks, including a magnitude 4.0 tremor, continued to unsettle the region hours later.

Despite its rarity, experts explained the geological factors behind earthquakes in the eastern U.S., where seismic activity is less frequent but can be felt over larger distances due to the region's unique geological composition. While California garners more attention for seismic risks, the eastern U.S. is not immune, as evidenced by historic events and ongoing risk assessments.

Though Friday's earthquake sparked curiosity and concern among residents, experts emphasized its relatively minor geological significance, noting it as a reminder of the potential for seismic events even in areas not typically associated with earthquakes.

[With information sourced from Los Angeles Times]

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