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Cyprus Commissioner approves school CCTV for safety

Irini Nikolaidou Loizidou greenlights pilot program following impact assessment


The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, Irini Nikolaidou Loizidou, has given the green light for the operation of Closed Circuit Video Surveillance (CCTV) in schools, aiming to prevent and tackle violence and delinquency. In a statement issued by her office, Loizidou announced the completion of the consultation process between the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MESY) and her office.

The decision follows an impact assessment conducted by the Commissioner's office on the proposed CCTV operation. The assessment outlined key provisions, including the installation of video cameras at school entrances/exits and perimeters, limited recording to school boundaries during non-school hours, and storing visual material for 72 hours with restricted access. Warning signs will be posted for information purposes.

Having reviewed the impact assessment and finalized comments and suggestions, Loizidou confirmed that it meets the requirements of Article 35 of the GDPR, thereby approving the installation of CCTV in schools. The Commissioner authorized MESY, as the controller, to initiate relevant processing activities and operations outlined in the assessment.

The CCTV operation will commence on a pilot basis in 10 school establishments as part of the initial phase.

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