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Cyprus cracks down on illegal immigration ring

Coordinated effort yields arrests, sending strong message against trafficking


In a move to address migration challenges head-on and show unwavering determination against the issue, a well-coordinated operation sprung into action this morning in the Limassol district. The aim? To dismantle a criminal organization that's been trafficking illegal immigrants into Cyprus. This operation was no spur-of-the-moment decision; it followed the President's clear directives and instructions that had been passed down to various State Services.

About 40 police officers, a mix of Headquarters Police, MMAD, YCAN, and YAM members, came together like pieces of a puzzle. Their target: a network involved in smuggling people into the country. And the results? Five people of Syrian nationality were taken into custody. These individuals were suspected to be part of the criminal group responsible for the illegal trafficking of immigrants.  Furthermore, additional arrests are on the horizon based on warrants that have already been issued.

The authorities had already been keeping tabs on this criminal organization for around three months based on solid information they'd gathered.

Migration challenges are complex, and one of the big issues is those smuggling rings that put not just the country, but the lives of these immigrants at risk. To counter this, the Minister of Interior made a call: to assemble a special team to rethink the policies concerning Syrian nationals already in Cyprus who are somehow involved in these illegal migrant networks. This team is a mix of experts from the Asylum Service, Population and Immigration Registry Department, Aliens and Immigration Service, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

These departments have been given specific orders to put certain measures in place.

On a bigger scale, Cyprus is sticking to its international commitments and working hard to manage and prevent migration flows.  These actions seem to be working – there's been a noticeable drop in asylum applications lately. Looks like Cyprus is rolling up its sleeves and tackling migration challenges with some serious determination.

[Information sourced from official announcement]

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