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22 May, 2024
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Cyprus drenched in rain, flood fears rise

Mountains buried, travel disrupted


Looks like we've got a low-pressure system hanging out northeast of the island, stirring things up a bit. By this afternoon, we're expecting it to mellow out into a weak low-pressure situation.

So, what's the deal with today's weather? Well, it's going to be mostly cloudy with some scattered showers and maybe even a few isolated thunderstorms. And guess what? Snow's in the cards up in the mountains.

But hey, don't lose hope because things should start looking up as the day rolls on.

Winds are going to be all over the place, mainly coming from the northwest to north, blowing at a moderate clip of around 4 Beaufort. Sometimes, they might crank up to a strong 5 Beaufort, but by the afternoon, they'll calm down to a breezy 3 to 4 Beaufort.

The sea's going to be pretty choppy out there, especially down south.

Temperatures? Expect around 14 degrees Celsius inland, a bit warmer at 16 degrees Celsius along the coast, and a cool 5 degrees Celsius up in the mountains.

As we head into tonight, there could be some more showers, especially along the coast. Winds will ease off a bit, but the sea might still be a bit rough, especially out west. Temperatures will drop, so bundle up if you're heading out.

Saturday's looking like more of the same, with clouds popping up here and there but temperatures staying steady.

Sunday starts off partly cloudy but could end with more clouds and isolated showers, maybe even some snow up high. Temperatures will start to dip below average for this time of year.

Monday's got its own plans with scattered showers and thunderstorms, possibly even some more snow up in the mountains. Temperatures will keep dropping, so brace yourselves for a chilly start to the week.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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