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Cyprus establishes committee to combat coastal marine pollution

Government takes decisive action to coordinate efforts and prevent environmental threats


The Council of Ministers has greenlit the creation of a committee dedicated to tackling marine pollution along the coasts of Cyprus. Tasked with decision-making on response measures and pollution prevention, the committee aims to enhance coordination among relevant authorities for effective solutions.

The initiative, led by Deputy Minister of Shipping Marina Hadjimanolis, saw two meetings involving competent authorities. A consensus was reached on the imperative need for collective action to minimize pollution threats in coastal areas and foster environmental awareness.

The committee will consist of representatives from respective competent authorities, with the Permanent Secretary of the Shipping Deputy Ministry appointed as its Coordinator. The Committee, during its meetings, will supervise and coordinate determined actions.

The press release emphasizes that pollution prevention and environmental awareness initiatives will be conducted collaboratively by the Shipping Deputy Ministry and the Office of the Commissioner of the Environment. The government of Nikos Christodoulides prioritizes the response and prevention of marine pollution, as highlighted by the press release.

Source: CNA


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