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Tucker Carlson's exclusive interview with Putin sparks controversy

Former Fox News host's Moscow interview raises questions about media bias and access in reporting on the war


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has conducted a one-on-one interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, marking Putin's first interview with a Western journalist since the escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Carlson, who paid for the trip himself, stated that the interview aimed to inform Americans about the war they are implicated in, criticizing mainstream media for what he called "government propaganda." Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed the interview was recorded on Tuesday.

Carlson emphasized that while Western journalists frequently interviewed Ukraine's President Zelensky, their coverage lacked journalistic integrity, accusing it of being "fawning pep sessions." He criticized the absence of Western interviews with Putin. The BBC and other outlets have faced difficulties securing interviews with Putin, with Carlson's visit gaining extensive coverage in Russian state media.

Critics, including some journalists, raised concerns about Carlson's perspective, citing his previous support for Putin before the invasion. Some pointed out the challenges faced by Russian journalists, who operate under strict reporting restrictions, including the ban on calling it a "war."

The interview's upload date is unclear, but Carlson affirmed it would be streamed live and unedited on his X account, a platform owned by Elon Musk, who pledged not to suppress or block the interview. Carlson, once a top-rated cable TV host on Fox News, left the network abruptly last year and has since launched a show on X.

Source: BBC

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