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Cyprus faces institutional hurdles in anti-corruption efforts

Council of Europe urges Cyprus to strengthen accountability and transparency to combat corruption


Cyprus' anti-corruption legislation for top executive officials appears robust on paper, but its practical effectiveness is hampered by institutional shortcomings, warns the Council of Europe's Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO).

In a report on preventing corruption and promoting integrity in central governments and law enforcement agencies, GRECO calls for Cyprus to develop a dedicated anti-corruption policy for all top government executives.

The report highlights issues with conflicts of interest, asset disclosure, access to information, and the lack of a systematic analysis of corruption risk factors in strategic appointments. It also recommends measures to enhance police objectivity, transparency, and accountability, including better handling of public complaints and improvements in discipline and vetting procedures.

GRECO emphasizes the importance of the effective implementation of whistleblower protection legislation in the police force.

[Information sourced from CNA]


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