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Cyprus-Greece ferry service resumes for third year

Affordable prices, sustainability goals, and state subsidy drive maritime connectivity


The Cyprus-Greece maritime passenger connection is set to resume for the third consecutive year, subsidized by the state following approval from the European Commission, according to a report by Andreas Karamitas. An announcement from the Shipping Deputy Ministry is expected on Tuesday, April 16, regarding the resumption of the service, scheduled to commence on May 29, 2024. Ticket sales will begin shortly after the announcement. In 2023, 7,407 passengers and 2,518 vehicles utilized the service, demonstrating its popularity. The Deputy Minister of Shipping, Marina Hadjimanolis, expressed the challenge of making the line economically viable but noted ongoing efforts to explore options for improvement.

Prices for the upcoming season cater to various budgets, with options for single and double cabins, as well as second-class seating. Specifically, first-class single cabin tickets are priced at €73 one-way per person, with roundtrip prices at €146. Double cabins are priced at €68 for a single journey and €136 for a double journey. First-class four-berth cabin tickets are available at €63 one way and €126 for a double journey. Second-class prices are set at €50 for a single cabin and €96 for a double journey. For those opting to travel without a cabin, airline seats are available at €38 for a single trip and €76 for a double trip. Discounts are available for children, while charges apply for vehicles and pets.

Questions linger regarding the project's sustainability post-subsidy period, with ongoing evaluations to ensure its viability. Officials emphasize that the service is an alternative connectivity option rather than a cruise, with plans to strengthen economic feasibility and attract new customers.

Despite challenges, stakeholders remain committed to enhancing the service's functionality and sustainability, emphasizing cooperation between stakeholders and local communities. Ultimately, a realistic approach combined with strategic measures aims to ensure the service's continued operation without the need for state subsidy.

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