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Cyprus moves forward with more relaxations

More students get back in the classroom, more legitimate outings permitted on weekends


Cypriot Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou has announced a new set of relaxation of measures for April, including an increase in the number of permitted outings for legitimatize purposes but only on the weekend.

Ioannou described on Wednesday yet another set of relaxations of restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic, saying they were “conservative” in an effort to maintain the epidemiological profile of the country.

The measures, which will be valid for the whole month of April, include raising the limit of text messages for legitimate outings only on Saturday and Sunday from two to three, while only two SMS messages will continue to be permitted during the week.

Special measures could also be announced ahead of the week of the Greek Orthodox Easter, the minister said

Junior high school students in all distrcits as well as elementary pupils in Limassol will go back to school with physical presence in the classroom starting on Friday, April 2, provided that they test negative during a rapid antigen test.

Elementary school pupils in the three upper grade levels will also benefit soon from less invasive nasal swab tests, according to the minister, who said a plan expected to be implemented was based on consultations between health officials, educators, and organized parents.

The number of persons regardless of age in private tutoring institutes and tutoring facilities will go up to seven, including both teachers and students.

Other measure relaxations included permissions for sports and athletic competitions in outdoor settings, while more people would be permitted for exercises in swimming pools and gyms, based on protocols meeting requirements set by both the health ministry and the Cyprus Sports Organization.

Special measures could also be announced ahead of the week of the Greek Orthodox Easter, the minister said.

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