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Cyprus participates in three new PESCO initiatives

The EU's Permanent Structured Cooperation aims at strengthening the security and defence capabilities of the EU

Source: CNA

Cyprus is participating in three new PESCO programs approved by the Foreign Affairs Council, Defence Minister Savvas Angelides said during the Council’s deliberations in Brussels in the presence of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. The Minister also expressed Cyprus’ support to the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), which aims at strengthening the security and defence capabilities of the EU.
The Minister said that Cyprus is participating in the following three new PESCO programs:
 - The European Battlefield Missile System, which it deals with the development of a new generation of European missile systems beyond visual range.
 - The European Union Intelligence School (EU Intelligence School), which aims to educate and train the EU`s military and civilian personnel in the information industries in cooperation with the Member States and the EU Information and Security Services as well as of NATO Centers of Excellence.
 - The One Deployable SOF Tactical C2 Command Post (CP) - for Small Joint Operations (SOCC)) for the development and operation of a small-scale and Interstate-Specialized Small Operations and Control.
The Minister had the chance to once again clarify to his counterparts that PESCO can involve third countries only in exceptional cases, ensuring that these countries meet specific conditions, including for example respect for and adoption of the principles and values ​​of the EU.
It should be noted that the Republic of Cyprus is already participating in five other programs of the Permanent Structured Cooperation:
 - The European Network of Logistics and Support for Operations (EU Network of Logistics and Support for Operations).
 - The European Crisis Response Operation Core (EUFOR CROC).
 - Upgrading of the Maritime Surveillance.
 - The Cyber ​​Threats and Incident Response Information Sharing Platform and
 - Military Mobility.
Angelides met on the sidelines of the Council with Christos Stylianides, the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, with whom he discussed ways to strengthen the country`s co-operation with the Commission in matters of Crisis Management.

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