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Cyprus prepares for arrival of first foreign humanitarian aid for Gaza

Qatar offers support as President Christodoulides explores options for efficient aid delivery


In the coming days, Cyprus anticipates the arrival of the initial batch of foreign humanitarian aid destined for Gaza, according to Deputy Government Spokesman Yiannis Antoniou. Speaking to CNA, Antoniou revealed that Qatar has expressed its willingness to support President Nicos Christodoulides in establishing a humanitarian aid corridor.

The Emir of Qatar communicated to President Christodoulides the emirate's commitment to providing medical and nursing staff for a French floating hospital stationed near Gaza. This support aims to facilitate the inspection of humanitarian aid boxes at the port of Larnaca. Additionally, Qatar proposes the development of port infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to ensure swift aid delivery.

Mr. Antoniou clarified that the port of Larnaca was chosen for aid distribution due to its proximity to the city's airport, facilitating air transportation for aid sent by most countries. The final decision on how to dispatch the humanitarian aid will be contingent on the total aid collected, including food, essentials, supplies, and medical materials. Technical considerations will also play a role in determining the optimal delivery method.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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