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Cyprus Presidency accused of creating fake social media accounts

Reports accuse Cypriot Presidential office of using fake accounts to attack critics


Recent revelations have ignited a heated debate over whether the Cypriot Presidential Office has created fake social media accounts to smear critics of the government.

The controversy began last Thursday when the newspaper "ALITHIA" reported that fake accounts on the social media platform "X" were allegedly set up by the government to target its critics. The report also highlighted the administration's refusal to disclose the names of individuals employed at the Presidential Office.

Further fueling the scandal, "POLITIS" newspaper reported that a specific individual was allegedly hired to manage these fake accounts, funded through a special budget for associates. Sotiris Flourentzos, a lawyer and user of the platform "X", who initially exposed the individual's connection to the Presidential Office, has announced his intention to file a formal complaint.

Deputy Minister to the President, Irini Piki, addressed the issue during an interview with "Alpha". She claimed ignorance of the allegations and denied having a fake account herself or being aware of any such practices by others. Piki emphasized that she does not condone such actions.

Piki also pointed out the difficulty of identifying who is behind any specific "X" account, underscoring the complexity of the issue.

The matter of fake accounts attacking citizens and journalists during the pre-election period has also resurfaced. Leaked messages revealed that former presidential aide Manolis Kyriakou had allegedly received directives from President Nikos Christodoulides to use a fake profile to target a particular journalist who was critical of him.

The allegations and their implications continue to dominate public discourse, with demands for transparency and accountability growing louder.


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