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Ypsonas Municipality under fire after residents pay for pipe repairs

Mayor's silence deepens concerns over Ypsonas water service failures

Charalambos Stylianou

Residents of Ypsonas are grappling with severe disruptions after a major water pipe break left many homes without water for days. The incident has sparked significant frustration and concern within the community.

The trouble began when several water pipes in the area broke, causing a major drop in water pressure and, in many cases, complete outages. Residents promptly reported the issue to various municipal departments, including the grievance department, the mayor's office, and emergency services. However, the response from the municipality has been slow, with officials citing other urgent incidents as a priority.

As days passed without a solution, the situation became dire. With no clear timeline for repairs, many residents were forced to hire private experts to fix the pipes at their own expense, raising concerns about the efficiency and responsiveness of public services in Ypsonas.

KNews reached out to the Municipality of Ypsonas for a statement from Mayor Pantelis Georgiou. However, the mayor did not respond to our calls and emails. This has left residents questioning why the municipality failed to promptly address the water crisis and why they had to pay for private repairs, a responsibility typically handled by municipal authorities.

There are also concerns about whether the consolidation of municipalities, currently under discussion, will lead to better management of such crises. The community is eager to know what measures Mayor Georgiou will implement to ensure similar issues are handled more effectively in the future.

The crisis in Ypsonas underscores the essential role of local government in maintaining public utilities and the importance of swift and effective action during emergencies. Residents hope for a more responsive and accountable municipal governance moving forward.

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