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Cyprus revokes asylum apps of Syrians travelling via occupied areas

Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou announces measures amidst recent Syrian arrivals


Following a meeting of the National Security Council at the Presidential Palace, Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou announced the immediate revocation of supplementary protection status and rejection of applications for individuals who have traveled through the Turkish-occupied territories of Cyprus to areas in Syria within the last 12 months.

Ioannou emphasized that this decision was prompted by the recent mass arrival of Syrian asylum seekers by sea and the ongoing reassessment of Syria's status and safe areas. He further stated that the suspension of asylum application examinations for individuals of Syrian origin is in response to developments in the Middle East region.

Additionally, the Interior Minister disclosed plans to withdraw supplementary protection status and reject applications for those who traveled to areas in Syria via the occupied territories within the past year. These individuals will lose access to temporary protection regime rights, and measures will be taken for their repatriation, either voluntarily or through mandatory deportation if feasible.

Ioannou assured that the situation is continually evaluated, with decisions made based on evolving circumstances. He emphasized that actions are taken to mitigate potential risks, ensuring that the situation remains under control.

[Source: CNA]

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