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Cyprus rolls out tough traffic measures

Reckless drivers in serious violations now face jail and licence suspension without red tape


Traffic police are following through with strict measures announced by the government last week, with two drivers referred to the Road Transport Department to have their licences either suspended or revoked.

According to local media, two cases were referred to Road Transport this week, one concerning a driver who was speeding on the highway while video recording his speedometer and another man who was caught driving under the influence.

In the first case, the driver said he was trying to impress his friends by doing 180 km/h on the highway while the second driver, who was also speeding, was found to have been driving after using cocaine.

State authorities have been on an uphill battle trying to enforce traffic rules over the years, with police last year admitting publicly it had failed to reduce road fatalities or the risk of serious accidents.

Police last year admitted publicly they had failed to reduce road fatalities or the risk of serious accidents

In recent months, police prosecutors have been pushing for shorter waiting periods regarding court hearings in serious traffic offences, while last week the government said it was necessary to take stricter and more immediate measures.

The new measures include making use of the road transport department’s authority to suspend or revoke permits of suspected traffic violators when offences involve high speed and driving under the influence.

Drivers have 15 days to appeal a licence suspension or revocation but must sit through a driving course if they lose the case and wish to regain their licence.

Reports said the exact criteria for referring drivers to the road transport department were not clear, while a meeting has been scheduled with the police chief to pin down terms and conditions.

It was understood that police would not be targeting drivers who drive no more than 10% over the speed limit or operate their motor vehicle with alcohol in their bloodstream less than 20% over the limit.

Officials have said reckless drivers who drive dangerously on highways or city streets ought to know that they face not only an arrest but also licence suspension without red tape.

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