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Cyprus says refugee boat en route to Italy

Boat carrying 100 undocumented travelers kept at bay, given humanitarian aid, pregnant woman disembarks


A boat carrying 100 refugees was said to be en route to Italy after a brief humanitarian stop in Cyprus, with unconfirmed reports also saying a couple expecting a baby stayed behind to seek medical assistance.

Local media said a vessel carrying about one hundred undocumented travelers entered Cypriot waters on Monday, after it was reportedly spotted west of Limassol.

Neither police nor state officials issued a report but local media said SBA police got involved when the vessel stopped near the Akrotiri area so that a couple could disembark.

Local media said the couple included a pregnant woman in her third trimester, while additional reports said state officials provided humanitarian assistance to the vessel whose occupants said they were en route to Italy.

Local media said Cypriot officials suggested there were no asylum requests in connection with the incident.

It was not clear whether the vessel had left Cypriot waters.

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