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Cyprus trends cooler and wetter into fall

Rain chances along with heavy winds in parts of island, temps down and then up by weekend’s end


Weather conditions in Cyprus are expected to include a lot cooler evening temperatures, rain, and strong winds in parts of the island, but levels will rise again over the weekend.

According to weather officials, increasing cloud formations are expected Thursday including scattered clouds at times, with high chances of local showers.

Winds will range from weak to moderate in most parts in the early part of the day while strong or heavy winds will affect areas in the early and late afternoon, in some cases reaching 6 points on the Beaufort scale.

Swimming is not recommended in northern waters or along the west coast due to sea turbulence caused by high winds.

Temperature highs will reach 34 degrees Celsius in the interior, around 32 in the south and east, around 29 in the north and out west, while it will be 24 high up in the mountains.

Evening weather will include partly cloudy skies over local areas with some chances of rain mainly along the northern coast. Temperature lows will drop down to 14 degrees inland, around 19 in coastal areas, while it will be 10 higher up.

Friday skies will be mostly clear but increasing clouds over local areas could cause wet conditions in the afternoon, with chances of isolated showers mainly in the south as well as inland.

A noticeable temperature drop is not expected to last more than a day, as levels will gradually rise again over the weekend to reach above normal averages by Sunday.

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