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Man’s hand severed in buggy accident

Doctors manage to reattach wrist of British tourist following quad bike accident in Paphos district


A young male tourist was rushed to the Emergency Room on Thursday in Paphos district, with police still in the dark over the circumstances injuries while reports said doctors managed to reattach his wrist following a buggy accident.

According to local media, a 27-year-old British tourist was involved in a serious accident while driving a buggy in Paphos district.

Police told Knews they were notified after midnight about an incident but declined to speculate on the location of the accident or whether a buggy was involved, saying officers have yet to speak with the injured man due to his condition.

But hospital officials said a the man was rushed to the ER in Polis Chrysochous in the afternoon with a severed wrist, and he was then transported to a private clinic in Limassol where he underwent emergency surgery to have his wrist reattached.

Police said the latest known condition of the British man was “out of any immediate danger” and surgery was successful but officers would wait a bit longer before seeking a statement.

Accidents including amputations and deaths have been reported in the past in dangerous areas in Paphos district.

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