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Cyprus under severe wind warning

Cypriots brace for cold front from north bringing gusty winds late Thursday night


A severe wind warning has been issued for Cyprus as very powerful winds from the north are expected to pound the island late on Thursday.

According to weather officials, a yellow warning will go into effect Thursday night at 9pm and will last through Friday morning at 11am.

Weather is expected to be chilly on Friday with strong winds early in the day, while conditions will improve in the afternoon

Strong to near gale force northerly winds in the night are expected to reach speeds between 6 and 7 points on the Beaufort scale, while later in the wee hours gusts could possibly reach 8 points, mainly inland, on the eastern coast, as well as north and south.

Thursday evening skies will be partly cloudy with chances of isolated showers in the afternoon. Temperature lows will register 4 degrees Celsius inland, around 6 on the west coast, 7 in all other coastal regions, while it will drop down to minus (-4) high up in the mountains.

Frost is expected to form in the Troodos Mountains as well as in rural areas around the foothills.

Weather is expected to be chilly on Friday with winds expected to remain strong throughout the early part of the day. Wind conditions are expected to improve gradually in the afternoon. 

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