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Dead fetus found in Nicosia public toilets

Nicosia police search for clues after cleaning lady finds dead fetus inside plastic bag


A dead fetus was found in a public toilet in downtown Nicosia over the weekend, with police trying to ascertain the identity of the mother and other details surrounding the incident.

According to local media, a dead fetus of uncertain gestational age was found inside a plastic bag thrown in the trash at a public toilet in Solomou Square.

Media sources said the umbilical cord was attached to the dead fetus at the time of discovery

Reports said a cleaning lady alerted law enforcement authorities Sunday morning after discovering the baby, telling investigators there were no signs of a birth taking place after the last sanitation of the facility on Saturday night.

State forensic pathologists Angeliki Papetta and Orthodoxos Orthodoxou have been called to conduct an autopsy at the scene, while a post mortem has been scheduled for Monday.

It has not yet been established whether the birth was premature, full term, or if it was a stillbirth, according to media reports.

Media sources said the umbilical cord was attached to the dead fetus at the time of discovery, prompting investigators to search for any woman who might have sought help at a local clinic or hospital due to bleeding within the preceding days.

There have been other incidents recorded of dead fetuses found abandoned in Cyprus, including miscarriages and unwanted pregnancies. Maternal sepsis may also induce both labor and fetal death.

Officials expect a post mortem and other information, including security camera footage, might help investigators in the case.

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