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Deadline approaches for vehicle registration renewal

Owners reminded to renew permits by March 11 to avoid surcharges; Electric vehicles and MOT updates


Cyprus residents are reminded that the deadline for renewing vehicle registration permits for 2024 is fast approaching. The renewal period, which began on January 4, will conclude on March 11 at midnight. The Road Transport Department emphasizes that renewal requires a valid fitness certificate and vehicle insurance.

Motorists who renew after March 11, 2024, will incur a surcharge of €10, plus an additional ten percent of the registration fee for the current year. Failure to renew by the deadline may result in the vehicle being written off by the Department of Road Transport.

For the 2023 registration data, 85% of vehicles were renewed within twelve months, with 95% of renewals completed online. Electric vehicles enjoy a zero registration fee, aligning with the government's emphasis on environmental consciousness.

The Road Transport Department is finalizing procedures for motorcycles to undergo the MOT (Ministry of Transport) testing. The summoning of registered motorcycles will be a gradual process.

The Department urges the public to ensure timely renewal to avoid potential system overloads and inconvenience. Vehicle owners who renewed for 2023 but do not intend to do so for 2024 should submit a notice of immobilization to the Department. Immobilization can also be done online. Vehicles with overdue fees for 2023 and not declared immobilized will be removed from the register if the amount is not paid and the registration is not renewed by the March 11 deadline.

In cases of vehicle destruction, owners can apply for cancellation of registration, accompanied by a "Certificate of Destruction" from licensed waste treatment facilities. Registration renewals can be completed throughout the year online, at Citizen Service Centres, Department of Postal Services offices, and TOM (Road Transport Department) District Offices. Vehicle owners will not receive renewal notices, emphasizing the need for proactive renewal. The TOM advises individuals to act promptly to avoid potential complications.


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