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Police target unpaid traffic tickets with photo radar

Law enforcement introduces innovative software to track unpaid traffic tickets


Ahead of the summer season, law enforcement plans to roll out a photo radar system targeting unclaimed traffic offences, where offenders or vehicle owners evade detection or refuse to collect notifications from post offices.

The specialized software, pending approval from the Central Committee for Changes and Requirements, will integrate into police electronic systems.

According to statements to "K" newspaper by Deputy Chief of the Traffic Department, Tasos Ashikkis, the software is expected to facilitate on-the-spot delivery of traffic fines. Asiikkis highlighted its significance, emphasizing the ability to issue on-the-spot fines or warning letters of impending prosecution at airports, ports, roadblocks, and any police station. The application will be integrated into police systems.

"If the delivery of a traffic fine or a warning letter informing the offender of pending prosecution fails, then the Photo Radar List application will be implemented," Ashikkis stressed. "The Photo Radar List is an application within police electronic systems. For example, if someone intends to travel abroad and goes through passport control, a check will be conducted via the Photo Radar List application to determine if there are any outstanding traffic fines against them," explained Mr. Asiikkis.

According to police sources, unclaimed traffic violations captured by traffic cameras currently amount to several thousand.

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