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Demetra has invested 75% of its capital in Hellenic

The bank's total book value is EUR 223,1 million

Panayiotis Rougalas

Panayiotis Rougalas

Demetra Investment, the Cyprus Investment Fund, has dedicated 75% of its investments to Hellenic Bank.

According to Demetra's quarterly report, its holdings in Hellenic Bank are worth a total of €223.1 million, or 74.59% of its assets. Shares and HBCS1 convertible securities are available in Greek.

Along with its sizeable investment in Hellenic Bank, the company also owns and manages real estate in Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria, with a total book value of 43.2 million euros (or 14.46% of its total assets).

Demetra's total book value in Logicom is EUR 14,3 million (shares), or 4,81% of all its assets. According to the quarterly report, investments "in other projects" total EUR 11,8 million, or 3,95% of Demetra's total assets.

It has investments in Lordos Hotels (Holdings) Public Ltd worth EUR 4.1 million (shares), investments in NETinfo Plc worth EUR 867 thousand (shares), and cash and bank deposits worth EUR 776 thousand.

Following that, it has investments totaling EUR 59 thousand (shares) in Ermes Department Stores Plc, EUR 3,3 thousand (shares) in Bank of Cyprus, and EUR 580 (shares) in CLR Investment Fund Public Ltd.

Demetra has a total book value of EUR 298.4 million.

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