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Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit explores how government and tech team up

Irene Piki talks about the synergy of government priorities and technology


During today's Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit, Irene Piki, the Deputy Minister to the President, provided valuable insights into the intricate relationship between government strategic priorities and the transformative power of technology.

Her talk shed light on the potential for a brighter future by merging these two dynamic elements.

At the heart of this exploration was the government's unwavering commitment to improving the daily lives of its citizens. Their strategic planning focused on addressing critical issues, such as affordable housing and reducing road congestion.

Furthermore, the government was dedicated to fostering a resilient and robust economy. It recognized that technology played an essential role in driving innovation and global competitiveness. These priorities exemplified the government's determination to achieve progress and prosperity.

In addition to these key areas, the government remained resolute in its efforts to modernize the state, combat corruption, promote sustainability through eco-friendly practices, and enhance healthcare and education.

Irene Piki's presentation at the Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit acted as a guiding light, illustrating how technology seamlessly integrated with government objectives, charting a path towards a more promising and prosperous future for everyone.

This examination emphasized the pivotal role of technology in a compelling narrative of progress and opportunity.


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