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What's in store at the 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit tomorrow?

Exploring AI, sustainability, and more


Nicosia is embracing a new identity as it transforms into a global educational and technological hub, thanks to the upcoming 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit in 2023. This city, once renowned for its international service sector, is now at the forefront of a significant educational revolution.

With a total of six universities catering to a diverse student body hailing from over 120 countries, Nicosia is becoming a melting pot of knowledge and innovation. This transformation coincides with the imminent Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit, set to take place on October 17, 2023, under the overarching theme of "The New Normal."

The summit aims to delve into contemporary issues affecting not only the local community but the entire region. Among the topics on the agenda are discussions on artificial intelligence, the evolving work environment, and strategies for effective communication in an era characterized by social media toxicity. Additionally, the event will address pressing issues like climate change, the electrification of cars in Cyprus, and the country's quest for energy self-sufficiency. Furthermore, the significance of mental health, as an extension of physical well-being, along with the growing importance of diversity and sustainability, will be central to the discussions.

This summit is made possible thanks to the generous support of Cyta and the Bank of Cyprus. One of its most exciting features is the Alpha Stage Start-ups Innovation Platform, offering start-ups and research teams the opportunity to participate in the Digital Agenda Alpha Stage Artificial Intelligence Competition (DAAS-AI). This competition is designed to inspire teams from Cyprus and beyond to present their innovative research work with a strong focus on commercialization. The competition is open to entrants falling within a technology readiness level (TRL) range of 3-5.

DAAS-AI has a specific focus on start-ups and research teams working in the domain of AI, particularly in the fields of Tourism, Media, or Learning/Education. It serves as a launchpad for these visionary teams, facilitating their transition from the laboratory to the marketplace, with the ultimate goal of attracting private and venture capital investments. A substantial prize of 10,000 euros, courtesy of the Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit, awaits the ultimate winner chosen through presentations at the Alpha Stage.

The Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit is known for its collaboration with Diffords guide Greece and Deejay Radio, culminating in the organization of one of the world's premier Cocktail Festivals. This unique event brings together more than ten award-winning bars from Europe, teaming up with an equal number of bars from Cyprus. These talented mixologists collaborate to create new, handcrafted cocktail recipes that promise to tantalize the taste buds of attendees.

Adding to the festival's vibrant atmosphere is the presence of Nicosia's top DJ, Deejay Radio 93.5, and its dynamic team. Together, they curate the soundtrack for this unique experience, where over 5,000 attendees from the Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit come together with the city of Nicosia and its residents for an unforgettable celebration.

The event schedule is packed with thought-provoking sessions, including discussions and presentations by prominent speakers from various fields, promising a gathering of brilliant minds that will shape the future of humanity in both regional and European contexts. The 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit is poised to be an event of profound significance and innovation, offering a platform for exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by the "New Normal" in our rapidly evolving world.

Come tomorrow at the 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit and be part of this exciting journey. Secure your tickets now on the website to ensure an unforgettable day of learning and innovation.

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