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Dimitroui regains consciousness every 5 minutes

Arrests signal breakthrough in Dimitroui assault investigation


Dimitris Andronikou, popularly known as ''Dimitroui,'' remains hospitalized in a serious but stable condition following a criminal incident that occurred on April 23rd along the Palaichori - Anthoupoli road. According to sources within the police department as reported by 24news, Dimitroui was found in distress after attending a gathering, having consumed potent pain medication.

His current state of health is precarious, with reports indicating that he intermittently regains consciousness every five minutes, closely monitored by law enforcement personnel. Despite this, Andronikou has yet to provide any testimony regarding the incident, further complicating the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, the ten individuals apprehended in connection with the case await their fate as authorities deliberate on whether to extend their detention. Notably among them is an individual serving a lengthy prison term for a prior attempted murder, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Law enforcement officials assert that they possess crucial evidence, including witness testimonies suggesting the involvement of both masterminds and perpetrators among the detainees.

The incident has exacerbated tensions within the nocturnal community, already fraught with internal power struggles following the tragic death of Alexis Mavromichalis, known as "Alexoui," last October. Authorities remain vigilant, fearing potential reprisal attacks and endeavoring to prevent further escalation of violence.

From the outset, investigators suspected that the attempted murder of Dimitroui was rooted in longstanding disputes among individuals within the nightlife scene, often revolving around issues of protection and other illicit activities. This revelation underscores the complex dynamics at play within this clandestine underworld, posing significant challenges for law enforcement efforts to maintain order and ensure public safety.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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