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Nicosia hosts EU summit on migration this Friday

Officials from eight member states will gather in Nicosia on Friday to discuss realistic measures and aid allocation


A Ministerial Summit focusing on the external dimension of immigration, particularly the Syrian crisis, will convene in Nicosia on Friday. Officials from eight EU countries, including Greece, the Czech Republic, and Italy, will participate in the event chaired by Cypriot Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou.

The Summit aims to address immigration challenges through realistic measures, emphasizing support to neighboring third countries to curb migration flows into the EU. Ioannou will advocate for increased EU aid to Lebanon, facing significant socio-economic strains due to a large Syrian population.

Recent EU-Lebanon agreements, including a €1 billion support package, will be highlighted as efforts to enhance basic services and bolster Lebanese security forces against migrant smuggling networks.

Discussions will also center on Cyprus' initiative to reassess the status of areas in Syria, potentially designating some as safe zones. While acknowledging ongoing instability in Syria, participants will explore possibilities for the safe return of Syrian nationals in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency, ensuring compliance with international law.

The Summit underscores the need for pragmatic solutions amid evolving regional dynamics, aiming to facilitate the secure repatriation of Syrian refugees.

[With information from CNA]


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