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DISY MEP Eleni Stavrou visits Israel amidst Middle East crisis

The European Parliament member monitors complex situation and advocates for humanitarian solutions


Eleni Stavrou, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing DISY, is currently on a visit to Israel, where she has been actively monitoring the evolving situation in the Middle East. Stavrou's presence in the region is motivated by the need for European Parliament members to gain firsthand knowledge of the on-ground reality.

During her stay, Stavrou has maintained close communication with the European People's Party and its President, Manfred Weber. She has been keeping President Weber updated on her engagements in Israel as part of a concerted effort to address the complex circumstances that have repercussions not only for Europe but also for Cyprus.

In light of the challenging conditions, Stavrou expressed her view on the situation, emphasizing the necessity for Israel to intensify its efforts against terrorism, whether emanating from groups like Hamas or other radical Islamist organizations. She also highlighted the support provided to these groups by certain nations, such as Turkey, Iran, and other Muslim states, leading to a concerning rise in their influence and strength.

Stavrou underscored the importance of minimizing human casualties in the ongoing conflict. She acknowledged the heart-wrenching images emerging from the Gaza Strip and stressed that addressing the humanitarian crisis and resolving the political issues must be pursued with a deep respect for human life, particularly the lives of innocent children caught in the midst of the conflict.

The situation in the Middle East continues to evolve, and Stavrou's presence in Israel demonstrates the European Parliament's commitment to comprehending the ground realities as they navigate the complex challenges the region presents.

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