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DP World sets sail with 31 ships and 48,000 passengers

A record-breaking October on the high seas


In a remarkable achievement, DP World Limassol experienced its highest monthly passenger traffic since assuming control of the terminal in 2017.

October witnessed the arrival of 31 cruise ships, hosting a whopping 48,000 passengers, showcasing the port's growing significance in the cruise industry.

According to a report on Limassol Today, passengers, hailing from diverse corners of the globe, including the US, South America, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Israel, and the UK, highlighted the port's international appeal.

This eclectic mix aligns with the Cruise Lines International Association's insight that six out of 10 passengers often return for extended vacations to destinations visited during their cruise.

Notably, the thriving cruise sector defies geopolitical challenges in the region, emphasizing the resilience of DP World Limassol's efforts.

The company's CEO, Simon Pitout, attributes this success to strategic collaborations with the government and key stakeholders, fostering strong ties with major cruise lines.

Beyond the impressive numbers, passengers contributed significantly to the local economy. Exploring Limassol and engaging in excursions to attractions like the Limassol wine villages, Paphos Castle, and Troodos, visitors left a positive mark on Cyprus.

October's festivities, including an event during the Wine Festival, offered passengers a taste of Cypriot culture. Traditional delicacies, grape pressing rituals, and live music added an authentic touch, creating memorable experiences for cruise-goers.

Pitout remains optimistic about the future, projecting a total of 200,000 cruise passengers managed by year-end, with an additional 200 bookings already secured for the next year.

These numbers affirm Limassol Port's ascendancy as a pivotal cruise hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. Despite global uncertainties, DP World Limassol stands as a beacon of success in the evolving cruise industry landscape.

[With information sourced from Limassol Today]

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