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Drug suspect bites cop during traffic stop

Man and woman in Nicosia taken into custody over drug related charges, male suspect bites officer


Police officers have arrested two suspects on drug possession, with one of them also facing assault charges after he bit a drug squad agent on the hand.

According to police, a 23-year-old female driver and an 18-year-old male passenger were flagged down by drug squad agents on Wednesday night, around 7pm, along a Nicosia road.

The young man reportedly tried to make a run for it but an officer managed to grab the male suspect, who bit the agent on the hand as law enforcement officers were attempting to inspect the vehicle.

The young man tried to make a run for it and bit an officer on the hand as law enforcement agents were attempting to inspect the vehicle

Police did not clarify whether a search warrant had been issued for the inspection and car search, while two arrest warrants were later issued for the suspects.

According to an official statement, officers who carried out a search located in the vehicle six packages containing cannabis weighing a total of approximately 38 grams. Hashish was also discovered in the driver’s purse weighing about 1 gram, as well as 0.2 grams of cocaine, 2 grams of marijuana, and €885 in cash.

The young man is facing multiple charges including assaulting an officer, causing bodily harm, and resisting arrest, while both suspects were also detained for multiple drug-related offences.

Police said the injured officer was treated in the Emergency Room for a reaction bite, while no fracture was caused during the alleged assault.

Drug squad agents from Nicosia are investigating the case. 

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