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Drunk driver caught speeding in Larnaca

Larnaca court sentences man to 45 days after he was caught driving drunk, speeding away from police


Police have arrested a male driver who was caught driving drunk and speeding up to 180 kilometers on the new Larnaca-Kofinou roadway, with a Larnaca judge passing sentence the following day.

According to police, the suspect described as a 50-year-old Larnaca resident, was spotted driving recklessly on the Larnaca-Kofinou strip by a highway patrol on Sunday afternoon.

When officers switched on their blue lights and sirens, the man reportedly failed to stop and sped away, with the patrol car giving chase until the suspect vehicle was blocked at the Kalo Chorio roundabout.

Police told Knews speed is typically clocked by radar but did not rule out patrol cars pacing suspects while giving chase

The driver, described by some local media as a foreign national, was reportedly doing 180 kilometres per hour in a 100 Km zone, while an alcohol test showed 139μg, which was over six times the legal limit at 22μg.

Police told Knews a speed indication in similar cases is typically clocked by radar but did not rule out that the suspect might have been clocked by other means, such as a patrol car pacing the suspect while giving chase.

The driver is facing charges for multiple traffic offences including unsafe passing, following too closely, failure to stop for law enforcement, speeding, and driving while under the influence.

In an unprecedented speed trial the following day, a Larnaca judge on Monday sentenced the suspect to 45 days behind bars along with a six month license suspension.

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