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Drunk passenger shoves policeman at Larnaca airport

Disorder unfolds at Larnaca airport as inebriated passenger shoves policeman


In a startling incident that unfolded at Larnaca Airport on Thursday (14/09), a disruptive passenger created havoc, leaving authorities and onlookers stunned. The woman, clearly under the influence of alcohol, took matters into her own hands when a police officer attempted to conduct a routine security check.

According to eyewitnesses, the situation quickly escalated as the woman resisted the security procedure, leading to a physical confrontation with the law enforcement officer. Passengers in the vicinity watched in astonishment as the scene unfolded.

Airport security personnel intervened swiftly, bringing the situation under control and apprehending the unruly passenger. She was subsequently charged in writing for her actions and released, pending a future court appearance.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by airport security personnel in ensuring the safety and well-being of travelers. It also raises questions about the handling of intoxicated passengers and the need for enhanced security protocols.

Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, shedding light on the events that transpired and evaluating the response of airport security.

As this story continues to develop, we will provide updates on any new information that emerges. Stay tuned for further details on this unfolding situation at Larnaca Airport.

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