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Dust levels remain as it gets warmer

Warm air mass still affecting weather in Cyprus


Dust levels remain high over Cyprus while a warm air mass will push temperatures above the norm for this time of year to touch 30° degrees Celsius.

On Thursday authorities warned people in vulnerable groups to stay indoors due to an increase in respirable particulate matter in the last 24 hours.

The concentration of respirable particulate matter or PM 10 measured every hour had already fluctuated between 49 and 96 µg/m3 while on Wednesday it registered 55 low and 70 high.

The safe limit in any given hour is 50 µg/m3, according to the ambient air quality standards for particulate matter, which is the maximum amount of airborne particles that can be present outdoors without threatening the public's health.

Senior citizens, young children, and people with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors

Senior citizens, young children, as well as people with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors until the dust levels fall back below the 50 µg/m3 threshold.
Employers are also expected to assess the risk for their employees and take appropriate measures, if any workers must work outside in the open air.

The Labour Department has repeatedly said that workers who have to be outside should always were protective personal gear. This is so because these tiny particles vary greatly in shape, size and chemical composition, and can be made up of many different materials such as metals, dirt, soil and dust.

More information can be accessed by visiting the site or through the Air Quality Cyprus phone app available in Google Play and iOS App Store.


The warm air mass is expected to affect the island through Friday while the dust could go away by Saturday afternoon.

Thursday weather will be mostly clear with night temperatures dropping to 12° degrees Celsius inland and higher elevations, about 14° in the southern and eastern coasts as well as 16° in the rest of the coastal areas.

Temperatures on Friday are expected to reach 30° degrees inland, 25° on the coast, and 22° on the mountains.

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