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Dusty skies and rising heat

Prepare for weather rollercoaster


While a weak low-pressure system holds sway for now, brace yourselves for a temporary spike in high pressure starting tomorrow. Dust particles will linger in the atmosphere right through Friday, with concentrations occasionally on the rise.

Today, expect partly cloudy skies with intermittent cloud cover in some areas, alongside isolated showers. By afternoon, cloud cover will thicken, especially with mid to high-level clouds dominating.

Winds will blow from the southwest to northwest, generally moderate at 4 Beaufort, reaching strong gusts of 5 Beaufort along the coasts, occasionally hitting very strong gusts of 6 Beaufort in the southern coastal regions.

Wind intensity will gradually ease by late afternoon. Seas will be choppy, initially becoming moderately rough near the shores. Temperatures will hover around 22 degrees Celsius inland, around 21 degrees Celsius along the southern and eastern coasts, and around 11 degrees Celsius in higher elevations.

Tonight, expect lingering cloudiness, primarily from mid to high-level clouds. Initially, winds will be southwest to northwest, weak and occasionally moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort, gradually becoming variable and weak, around 3 Beaufort.

Seas will remain moderately rough in the east and slightly choppy elsewhere. Temperatures will drop to around 12 degrees Celsius inland, around 15 degrees Celsius along the coast, and around 8 degrees Celsius in higher elevations.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will see intermittent increases in mid to high-level cloudiness. Thursday afternoon and evening might bring isolated showers, mainly in the west, north, and mountainous areas.

Temperatures will take a noticeable upturn until Friday, rising significantly above seasonal averages.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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