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EAC: This is how corrections will be made on erroneous accounts

Thousands of consumers rushed to report possible errors on their bill to the EAC

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

Since errors in electricity bills were discovered, the Electricity authority has received thousands of Viber and WhatsApp messages and emails with photos and meter numbers from panicked consumers trying to report the problem on their own bills. There were also quite a few calls to the 1800 network user service center. In several cases, consumers did not find a response to their request. At the same time, the majority of those who finally managed to contact the responsible officer found that there were no mistakes made on their respective bills.

There were also cases where consumers sent a photo of the Water Supply meter itself.  As described by EAC press representative Christina Papadopoulou, consumers are in a state of panic. And this is something attributed to the dramatic increase in the price of electricity compared to last year, at levels that reach 70%. "It is important that people understand that only a small number of bills were issued with a calculation made according to their last year's consumption. Of course, they will be corrected and the correct ones will be sent out," she noted.

Up to 10 thousand

Consequently, the accounts do show an increase - however, correctly recorded. At least most of them. According to the first estimates, the accounts with costing based on consumption calculation and not accurate measurement does not exceed 10 thousand. From there, Mrs. Papadopoulou emphasized that the next bill will cover the resulting difference, either up or down. And the correction will be made even if the error is not declared on the bill. So there is no need for consumers to contact the EAC, except in cases where they find a big difference in the consumption of kilowatts in relation to the calculations and in relation to the corresponding last year's consumption.

Subsidy increases

In the meantime this month the price of electricity is reduced by 1% compared to July, due to the decrease in the price of oil. Of course, compared to last year, the increase is 70%. Referring to the subsidy for the increase in the price of electricity from the Government in the next bills, Mrs. Papadopoulou explained that with the application of the subsidy, if someone consumes 800 kilowatt hours or more in a two-month period, then the state will reimburse him 65 euros. She noted that the subsidy will be phased and refers to the increase in the price of fuel that occurs from June onwards while reminding us that the first 400 kilowatt hours are subsidized at 85% of the increase in the price of fuel from June, 75% the next 200 and the next 50%. So consumption exceeding 800 kilowatt hours will not be subsidized.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]


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