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Eurocontrol approved flight plan of Turkish spy plane

According to a well informed source, no violations were carried out

Source: CNA

A Turkish spy plane that flew on Thursday within the Nicosia FIR (Flight Information Region) claims to have submitted its flight plan to Eurocontrol, which it followed, and, consequently, did not violate the 5 nautical miles and 3 thousand meters height required by NOTAM issued by the Republic of Cyprus, a well-informed source has stated.

The source was invited to comment on a news report by MEGA channel according to which the Turkish aircraft conducted an overflight over the northern part of the Cypriot EEZ block 6 where the Tungsten Explorer drill rig, leased by the Republic of Cyprus, is stationed.

"This aircraft submitted a flight plan to Eurocontrol, which it followed. Moreover, it did not violate the NOTAM that we had issued for 5 nautical miles and 3 thousand meters in height. It flew at 29 thousand meters," the source noted, adding that this was a military-spy plane.

With regards to the issue of Nicosia FIR, the same source said that "of course, there is an issue concerning the FIR", as there is an issue concerning the violations which take place every day by the planes which conduct flights to and from the occupied areas of Cyprus.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37% of its territory. Turkey does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, which has been an EU member state since 2004.

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