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EC bids farewell to President Anastasiades

For his parting gift, the President was presented with a sculpture of the Europa Building

Source: CNA

The leaders of the European Council bid farewell to President Anastasiades as well as Irish Taoiseach (Prime minister) Micheál Martin with a gift that is traditionally given to departing leaders, during yesterday evening's summit in Brussels.

In a tweet, the President of the European Council Charles Michel wrote: “Dear @AnastasiadesCY after almost ten years in this room, you are one of the most experienced members of the European Council”.

“Thank you for all your work advancing the European project” he continued, adding in Greek “a big thank you and heartfelt wishes for all the best!”

The recent tradition took place during the dinner at the end of Thursday’s European Council.

Departing leaders receive a miniature sculpture of the oval of the Europa Building, where summits are held.

The Irish Prime minister will be leaving his position on the basis of a deal between governing parties Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens. Martin, representing Fianna Fáil, will step down on December 17th, so that Leo Varadkar from Fine Gael can return as Prime minister.

However, Anastasiades could be returning for a final extraordinary summit to be held on 9 - 10 February. The summit is expected to focus on issues of competitiveness and migration.

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