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Ecologists investigate mysterious fish deaths in Kakopetria river

Alarming allegations of contaminated sewage spark urgent action


Allegations of dead fish found in the Klarios River are under investigation by the Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Co-operation (Nicosia District Committee) following complaints from the Kakopetria Community Council. The ecological group is looking into the matter after receiving reports of numerous dead trout in the river.

According to a statement released by the Movement, suspicions are pointing toward the possibility of domestic waste leakage from nearby facilities affecting the river's ecosystem. The organization has, in the past, received similar complaints, but no concrete evidence has been presented thus far.

The Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Co-operation has taken action by contacting the relevant authorities, namely the Department of Environment and the Department of Water, and is eagerly awaiting an immediate response from them.

Today, it has been reported that officials from the Environment Department will visit Kakopetria to conduct on-site inspections and verify the complaints.

The Movement expects thorough water analyses to be carried out, as well as the examination of samples from the dead fish. Additionally, they are hoping for comprehensive investigations along the riverbed to identify any potential sewage leakage.


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