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ESTIA plan activated for foreign nationals in Israel crisis

Cyprus to extend helping hand

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus has decided to activate the national ESTIA plan for the reception and repatriation of foreign citizens following the situation in Israel.

According to a press release by the Foreign Ministry, in view of the current security situation in Israel following the extensive terrorist attacks, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Constantinos Kombos convened today the Ministerial Crisis Management Team, comprised of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Justice and Public Order.

The Ministerial Team decided to activate the Special National Plan ESTIA for the reception and repatriation of foreign citizens from an area in crisis, through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

In this context, the Republic of Cyprus intends to offer facilities for the repatriation of foreign nationals from Israel through Cyprus.

The Special National Plan ESTIA is the National Action Plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, which is activated in case of emergency or crisis, to allow for the safe evacuation of civilians from a nearby crisis area (from the wider Middle East region) through Cyprus. It may also be implemented in cases of natural disasters in the region, which might also result to the evacuation of EU and third country citizens, through Cyprus, the Ministry says.

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