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EU ministers follow up on Turkey conclusions

EU Foreign Ministers expected to adopt measures against Turkey's drilling activities in East Med


EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels on Monday where they are expected to adopt measures against Turkish drilling activities around Cyprus.

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The Foreign Affairs Council will be chaired by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, who will also open discussion on current affairs including Afghanistan and Iran.

Mogherini is also expected to brief the ministers on the follow-up to last month’s FAC and European Council conclusions on Turkey’s actions in northern Syria as well as Turkish hydrocarbons exploration activity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In early October, the Republic of Cyprus issued arrest warrants in connection with Turkish drilling activities, but the warrants were not enforced

According to media reports, the foreign ministers are expected to adopt restrictive measures against Turkey in response to that country’s military campaign in Syria and hydrocarbon explorations around Cyprus.

The EU had already decided to impose restrictive measures against persons and entities in connection with Turkish drilling activities within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.

The decision of the 28 Member States, which was adopted unanimously during a meeting of Foreign Ministers on October 14, was ratified days later by the European Council Summit.

“In light of Turkey’s continued illegal drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean, the Council reaffirms its full solidarity with Cyprus, regarding the respect of its sovereignty and sovereign rights in accordance with international law,” an EU Council statement read.

The Council had called on Mogherini to present proposals based on preparatory work which would lead to “a framework regime of restrictive measures targeting natural and legal persons responsible for or involved in the illegal drilling activity of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

In early October, the Republic of Cyprus issued arrest warrants against persons suspected of being involved either in carrying out or supporting the Turkish drilling activities, but the warrants were not enforced.

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