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09 December, 2019
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No rain in sight as temps reach 30

Clear skies through midweek, rain chances Thursday but only briefly


A warm front is affecting areas over Cyprus, with temperature highs expected to reach 30 degrees on Monday and no rain in sight at least until midweek.

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Temperature highs are expected to drop back down the following day throughout the island except in the west

Very strong winds are expected on Monday in local areas in the southwest while moderate winds are expected throughout the island. Maximum highs are expected to reach 30° degrees Celsius inland, around 27 in the east and north, 29 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 21 up in the mountains.

Temperature highs are expected to drop back down the following day throughout the island except out west, where no change is expected.

Evening weather on Monday is expected to remain mostly clear with minimum lows registering at 14 degrees in the interior as well as north and southwest, around 17 in all coastal regions, while it will be 10 up in the mountains.

Increasing clouds are expected on Tuesday while the weather will remain mostly clear throughout most of the day. Clouds will continue to appear on Wednesday, interchanging between high and mid clouds, with rain chances going up Thursday when brief local showers and thunderstorms are likely mainly in the first half part of the day.

Air quality could be affected in the middle of the week, with officials pointing to dust at moderate levels on Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will remain above normal averages for this time of the year.

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