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EU unveils East Med action plan to stem migration flows

Comprehensive measures targeted at smuggling, border management, and cooperation in the region


The European Commission has unveiled an EU Action Plan for the Eastern Mediterranean in anticipation of the forthcoming meetings, including the Justice and Home Affairs Council scheduled for October 19 and the European Council on October 26-27. This comprehensive action plan encompasses 29 targeted operational measures organized into four primary areas, each designed to address the intricate challenges posed by migration in the region.

Key components of the action plan include initiatives to prevent irregular departures, combat migrant smuggling, establish legal migration pathways, reinforce effective border management, strengthen cooperation on returns and readmission with countries of origin and transit, and ensure efficient migration management with improved asylum procedures and enhanced reception capacity. These measures span a broad spectrum, from enhancing cooperation with countries of origin and transit in Asia, Africa, and Turkey to bolstering border management capacities, both within the European Union and with external partners. Furthermore, the plan aims to reinvigorate cooperation with Turkey, enhance situational awareness at sea borders, and advance the full implementation of key agreements and statements. The action plan builds upon existing measures, focusing on the efficient management of migration and border security, and fostering cooperation between the European Commission, EU agencies, and Member States authorities.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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