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Tunisian gunman in Brussels attack entered Europe illegally via Italy

Failure to enforce deportation orders sparks controversy across EU amid security concerns

In a recent tragic incident, a Tunisian terrorist, Abdelsalem Lassoued, entered Europe illegally through Italy and went on to commit a deadly attack in Brussels. Lassoued fatally shot two Swedish football fans and injured another. Prosecutors suggest his motive was outrage over Koran burnings in Sweden. Lassoued claimed responsibility for the attack, identifying himself as a member of the Islamic State.

Lassoued had initially reached the European Union over a decade ago by crossing the Mediterranean to Italy's Lampedusa. Despite being subject to expulsion orders, he later settled illegally in Brussels. This incident has raised concerns about the failure of authorities in the EU to deport migrants whose asylum applications have been rejected. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo acknowledged the need for more robust deportation enforcement.

Across the EU, only about one in three individuals with rejected asylum applications actually leave the country. Lassoued's case illustrates the security risks posed by migrants who remain in the EU after their asylum claims are denied. The incident has prompted calls for more effective deportation measures and stricter enforcement to enhance security in the region.

[Information source from The Telegraph]

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