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EU unveils historic regulations to safeguard dog and cat welfare

Stella Kyriakides' proposal aims to set Stringent Standards, Combat Illegal Trade, and Ensure the Health of Pets across the European Union


Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, has unveiled groundbreaking regulations aimed at safeguarding the welfare of dogs and cats across the European Union. This marks the first time such comprehensive rules have been proposed within the EU.

The proposed regulations encompass stringent standards for breeding, housing, care, and marking, with a particular focus on combatting the illegal trade of these beloved pets. Kyriakides' initiative seeks to establish uniform guidelines to ensure the well-being and health of animals bred for commercial purposes, taking into account the ease of transportation within the single market.

Key measures include enhanced breeding conditions that not only prioritize the welfare of the animals but also mitigate potential risks to human health. The proposal reflects a concerted effort to create a harmonized framework that balances the facilitation of pet trade with robust standards and vigilant controls.

The introduction of these rules signifies a pivotal moment in the EU's commitment to animal welfare, setting a precedent for comprehensive regulations that address the entire life cycle of dogs and cats within commercial breeding operations.

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